Uploading your thesis to VU Amsterdam's Online Thesis Database

Once your thesis has been completed and approved, you should upload it to VU Amsterdam’s online thesis database. This will make your thesis publicly accessible, so that it may serve as an example or inspiration to other students.

VU Amsterdam students can upload their thesis to the online database.

Uploading your thesis in seven steps
1.     Convert your entire thesis into a single PDF file.
        Please note: the file size of your thesis may not exceed 8 MB and it must be a single file.
2.     Go to www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid and log in using your VUnet ID.
3.     Select ‘Add thesis’ (also select the correct faculty if you are enrolled in more than one).
4.     Enter the title, subtitle, graduation month, graduation year, name of your first supervisor, name of your second supervisor and specialisation, and add a request for an embargo if relevant.
5.     Upload your thesis.
6.     Save it by clicking ‘Submit’.
7.     If your upload attempt is successful, you will receive confirmation by pop-up and email.

Check by the programme secretariat
Your faculty’s programme secretariat will check the data you have entered and complete them if required. They will then make your thesis publicly available in VU Amsterdam’s online thesis database.

Making modifications
You can make modifications as long as your faculty’s programme secretariat has not published your thesis online.
1    Go to www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid and log in using your VUnet ID.
2    Find the thesis you uploaded.
3    Select ‘Edit’ to modify the information.

Find a solution in the Thesis upload FAQs or send an email to vraag.ub@vu.nl.

Viewing theses
You can do so in VU Amsterdam’s online thesis database.
Please note: the database does not include all VU Amsterdam theses!