RDM Community & Data Conversations

VU RDM Community & Data Conversations

All researchers and research support staff who are involved in research data management (RDM) and want to find out more about it are invited to join the RDM network that VU Amsterdam is in the process of setting up. The objective of the network is to exchange knowledge and inspire each other. You can join the data stewards network or sign up for the Data Conversations. DataConversationsKlein

Data stewards & RDM Community Manager
Some faculties and institutes have appointed data stewards. They meet up regularly to exchange knowledge. Maria Cruz is VU Amsterdam's RDM Community Manager. She visits RDM expertise meetings and conferences at home and abroad and takes care of the proper dissemination of the latest knowledge throughout VU Amsterdam. In addition, she organises the Data Conversations.

Current data stewards at VU Amsterdam

-    Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam (ACTA dentistry): Bart Hattink, b.j.j.hattink@acta.nl

-    Amsterdam Institute for Molecules, Medicines and Systems (AIMMS): Brett Olivier, data@aimms.vu.nl

-    Amsterdam Law and Behavior Institute (A-LAB, Faculty of Law) and Nederlands Studiecentrum Criminaliteit en Rechtshandhaving (NSCR): Marieke Polhout, m.j.polhout@vu.nl

-    Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences: Jessica Hrudey, research.data.fgb@vu.nl

-    Faculty of Science: Brett Olivier & Christine Dijk, rdm.beta@vu.nlempty

-    School of Business and Economics: Veerle Eggens, v.r.c.eggens@vu.nl

Data Conversations about open data and open methods
The Data Conversations are intended for VU Amsterdam researchers, support and management staff, data stewards and data specialists. The meetings start with a brief presentation, after which the floor is thrown open to discussion.
The first Data Conversation took place in June 2019.
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Thinking of giving a Data Conversation presentation yourself?
If you would like to give a brief presentation (10 minutes) on open data, open methods or reproducible research, please send us an email at rdm@vu.nl. We are keen to receive input from researchers.