University Library services

As of Tuesday March 17 the University Library has discontinued its services on the VU Campus.

03/16/2020 | 4:01 PM

This means the (lending) of books and other physical materials.

Study places will also remain closed.

These measures apply to both VU and VUmc.
Only the digital services of the University Library will be available in the coming period.
All e-books and online articles are available and accessible everywhere:

Because of the corona virus, numerous academic publishers offer temporary free access to e-books, online resources or other teaching materials, or they have temporarily increased the number of users. 
Read more about the extra access to resources

The UL helpdesk is online for questions and will help you as soon as possible:
For up-to-date Information go to

Use your library account to extend the loan period of your books. If this doesn’t work, please contact our online helpdesk at
All fines incurred during this period will be waived.

It’s still possible to request books from our storages. In view of current developments, however, it is still unclear when the University Library can open again and the requested articles can be delivered. We will keep you informed as soon as there is more information.
The national interlibrary loan infrastructure has come to a halt. Therefore we can only process scan requests for articles or book chapters. To our regret it’s not possible to fulfill borrowing requests.            
Please keep in mind that processing your request may take longer than usual and that items could be temporarily unavailable. Please contact in case you have any question on this.