Dutch research institutions and Elsevier close deal in field of open access and open science

The agreement between VSNU, NFU, NWO and Elsevier on open access and open science represents an important step in making science accessible

05/20/2020 | 10:29 AM

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU), the Dutch Federation of University Medical Centres (NFU), NWO and Elsevier have partnered on open access and open science . Agreements were made on publishing and reading of Dutch scientific articles (open access). In addition, a joint development of open science services was agreed on. The partnership runs until the end of 2024.

For VU Amsterdam, this cooperation is an important step. Rector Magnificus Vinod Subramaniam: "VU aims for Open Science as a future of science and as an essential part of the VU strategy. This agreement contributes to this goal."

The agreement means, among other things, that 95% of all Dutch scientific articles are made open access immediately. In addition, options are being looked into to create open access for the remaining articles. Publications by Dutch scientists are made available full text in an Open Knowledge Base.

Together with Elsevier, the Dutch research institutions will also develop a number of pilots, such as Open Peer Review services and Open Impact Factor community services. The aim is to work towards a new way of valuing and rewarding and to make the process of science transparent.

Within the agreement, a number of cooperation principles have been agreed: scientists and/or institutions are and will continue to own their own research data and free access to data and metadata are guaranteed. In addition, institutions remain completely free in their choice of services from Elsevier and/or other providers. 

The full agreement can be found here.

More information can be found in this digital FAQ.