Free workshops to learn to find literature and data

These workshops help students and employees to find literature and data for paper or thesis.

08/26/2019 | 10:40 AM

You can choose from the following workshops:
- ‘The smart way to find literature for your paper’,
- ‘EndNote: create references and a bibliography easily’,
- 'Endnote advanced: get more out of Endnote'

Attending is free for students and staff of VU/VUmc and ACTA.

More information and registration (via agenda)

Workshop The smart way to find literature for your paper

Are you looking for reliable academic literature for your paper, article, thesis or dissertation? Would you like to know which (online) sources you can access, such as databases and journals? If so, this workshop is for you.

Marja Heijer, Master's student in History of Architecture, about this workshop: ‘This workshop has really opened up a world of possibilities for me. I no longer mind the idea of finding literature for my paper and my thesis as much as I did before' 

Workshop EndNote: create references and a bibliography easily
Save yourself a great deal of time and effort when writing your thesis by using EndNote. With a single click, you can ensure that citations and references are formatted exactly the way you want them.

Workshop Endnote advanced: get more out of Endnote
Maximise the possibilities that Endnote offers! Based on a case study, you will be given the challenge of not only importing your references but managing them as well. Finally, you will follow an actual publication procedure in which your bibliography must comply with very specific standards.

Support concerning finding data
From July until December 2018 it is possible again to make personal appointments by sending an email or calling: +31-20-59 85166 for data support. We have no walk-in helpdesk during this period.

Online support concerning finding data or data management remains available through:
- Finding Data
- Working with data
- Research Data Management 

Library Guides How to find and process literature

Both basic and advanced. The Library Guides are especially developed for use in the curriculum, but can also be taken independently.

Workshops on request 
You can ask the Library for more information on workshops-on-request and individual workshops: 
VU University - VUmc Medical Library

* Workshops are also accessible to non-VU patrons. See list of costs of services.