Rethinking the Academic Reward System

Listen to the VU Library Live podcast with Barbara Braams, Stan Gielen, Jutka Halberstadt and Frank Miedema.

03/28/2019 | 1:12 PM

How could the academic reward system be changed to facilitate research that is open and transparent and contributes to solving key societal issues? This was the question we addressed in the 4th VU Library Live Talk Show/ Podcast, together with our four guest speakers.  Listen to the podcast

Guest speakers
- Dr. Barbara Braams, Assistant Professor, VU Amsterdam
- Prof. Stan Gielen, President NWO, The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research
- Dr. Jutka Halberstadt, Assistant Professor, VU Amsterdam
- Prof. Frank Miedema, Dean and Vice-president of the Executive Board, UMC Utrecht

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