Change from database Datastream to FactSet

Room 1A-01J will be reserved on Friday 1 March from 1 to 5 pm

02/25/2019 | 9:39 AM

Starting March 1 the economic en financial database FactSet will replace the database Datastream from Thomson Reuters. The library has discontinued the subscription to Datastream (which includes the datasets Worldscope and Asset4 ESG) because the software is outdated and incompatible with Windows 10. Researchers who have Datastream installed on their own computer, will be able to use it until the end of February. Starting March 1 Datastream will no longer be accessible from University computers. The IBES database has now become available through the WRDS platform. SDC Platinum will remain available as usual on two computers. 

Room 1A-01J closed on Friday 1 March from 1 to 5 pm
the computers in room 1A-01J will be replaced and on the new computers Windows 10 and the economic and financial database FactSet will become available. The room will be unavailable from 1 to 5 pm. After 1 march researchers and students will be able to use two new computers with SDC Platinum and two new computers with FactSet.

More information on available database can be found on our website

Questions? Please contact the Research Data Services Helpdesk: of 020 – 59 85166.