Workshops ‘Copyright Ready for the new academic year?’

Attend a workshop on Copyright in Education Between 8-12 July.

06/03/2019 | 1:39 PM

Between 8-12 July the University Library offers lecturers workshops on Copyright in Education. During a 3 hour workshop you will develop skills and insights to:

-    recognize copyright violations and be aware of your own violations
-    be aware of the possibilities to abide by copyright law
-    apply these possibilities in practice.
-    reflect on your own use of learning material with regard to copyright
-    determine your information needs about copyright and help others with this topic
-    find and use open learning materials
-    integrate interactive materials into Canvas (like video, interactive textbooks, etc.)

In the afternoon you will also have the possibility to redesign your course during 2 hours based on the knowledge you have attained during the morning session.
Thus making you Copyright Ready for the next year.

Do not forget to register
The workshop is given 5 times during the week of 8 to 12 July. The morning sessions run from 9:30 to 12:30 and the (optional) afternoon sessions from 13:30 to 15:30. Location to be announced. Select your seat at our website.