What does the VU Amsterdam Research Support programme have to offer VU Amsterdam researchers?

Tools and services that make research data management (RDM) and open science easier.

06/18/2019 | 2:04 PM

The VU Amsterdam Research Support programme will make it easier for researchers to meet the ambitions and requirements of the government, research funders and VU Amsterdam in terms of reproducibility, open science, citizen science and the new privacy legislation. Thanks to the programme, we are able to ensure that researchers spend as little time as possible on the security, findability, storage, sharing and archiving of research data. Researchers can rely on quick, interdisciplinary support.

Co-created with researchers and tailored to the needs of the faculties
In close cooperation with researchers and faculty research support staff (such as data stewards and privacy champions), we are developing tools and an IT infrastructure to make it easier to manage your research data in accordance with the FAIR principles – Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable. By involving researchers and faculty research support staff, we are able to ensure that our tools and services suit their requirements.

Which tools and services will become available in 2019?

DMP Online: From September, you will be able to use the DMP Online tool to write your data management plan and to work on your plan together with researchers both within and outside of VU Amsterdam.
VU Amsterdam RDM Support Desk: From September, you can obtain data management advice and support from a single point of contact: the VU Amsterdam RDM Support Desk. From September, you can obtain advice and support from and put all your questions about data management to a single point of contact: the VU Amsterdam RDM Support Desk. This support desk is a joint project of the Department of Information Technology, University Library and Legal Affairs. You can count on quick and multidisciplinary processing of your queries. In due course, the RDM Support Desk will be expanded into a VU Amsterdam Research Support Desk for all your queries about research support.

In 2019, we will be working on the following pilots, together with various VU Amsterdam research groups:

SURF Research Drive: setting up SURF Research Drive especially for VU Amsterdam. This is an online environment where researchers from within and outside of VU Amsterdam can work together and store and exchange their data. A pilot, in which we are working together with SurfSARA and research groups from, among others, the School for Business and Economics and the Faculty of Science, will run from June to August inclusive. We would like to make Research Drive as affordable and user-friendly as possible, as well as making it suitable for confidential data. Together with SURF we will be testing end-to-end encryption. The outcomes of this pilot are important to VU Amsterdam researchers and equally so to researchers at other Dutch universities.
• New pilots with iRODS: iRODS helps researchers to add metadata and structure research data, making the data easy to find and reusable for other researchers. Using iRODS, you can easily store your research data and share it securely with researchers within and outside of VU Amsterdam. As early as 2018, VU Amsterdam ran pilots with the European platform iRODS together with SURF and Utrecht University. The outcomes were positive. In co-creation with VU Amsterdam research groups, we are now going to expand these pilots and investigate whether other or additional software is desirable for specific disciplines.
Pseudonymisation of research data. Pseudonymisation reduces the risk of misuse of confidential data in the event of data breaches. This is because pseudonymised information that falls into the hands of the public can only be traced back to individuals if the algorithm that was used (the key) is known. VU Amsterdam is working together with SURF and several other universities in exploring suitable suppliers who could act as partners in automated pseudonymisation.

Rapid developments in scientific research
Scientific practice is changing rapidly and extensively. Examples include big data, digitisation, a growing diversity of partners in both national and international networks, open science and the enormous developments in information technology. The results of these developments are new opportunities as well as new challenges. They call for a robust transformation of the research infrastructure and research support. The VU Amsterdam Research Support programme is shaping this transformation in partnership with the faculties and in co-creation with researchers. In this way, we are enabling researchers to concentrate primarily on their research and to exploit new opportunities to the full.

Any questions?
Please contact:
- Imke Limpens (Programme Manager, VU Amsterdam Research Support – VU Amsterdam Management Pool) i.a.m.limpens@vu.nl
- Alexey Pristupa (Project Manager, VU Amsterdam Library) alexey.pristupa@vu.nl

Steering committee
The programme's steering committee is formed by the VUO projects task force.

Chair: vacancy
Senior user: Edward Kleemans (Faculty of Law), Jacqueline Broerse (Faculty of Science), vacancy
Senior suppliers: Hilde van Wijngaarden (University Library), Cécile Willems (IT)
Consultant: Finette Lips (Administrative Affairs)

VU Amsterdam Research Support programme team

Programme Manager
Imke Limpens
VU Amsterdam Management Pool
Enterprise Architect
Tim Pinchetti
Project Manager
Alexey Pristupa
University Library
IT Project Manager
IT Research Specialist   
Rudy Bergval, Peter Vos, vacancy  
Business Analyst/Solutions Architect
Communications Officer
Anneke de Maat
University Library
Community Manager
Maria Marques de Barros Cruz
University Library
Data Manager
Jessica Hrudey
Faculty of Behavioural and Human Movement Sciences
Faculty of Science Relation Manager
Erik Koedam
Line Management
Jef Trimbos & Joeri Both
Heads of IT Research Department and University Library Research Support