Exhibition What about me? - In search of identity

On view: 6 May – 12 July 2019, around the Aula, VU Main Building

05/06/2019 | 1:38 PM

All seven art works on view form May 6 around the Aula focus on the quest for identity. In today’s world of technological progress and globalization, our need for guidelines and boundaries is greater than ever. Discussions about identity focus on various aspects of identity such as religion, culture, gender, skin colour. But what is it that makes you who you are? 

In an exhibition and a debate about identity, VU Amsterdam wants to address the sometimes difficult quest for identity by making it visible, identifying it and stimulating a dialogue about it.
Identity is how you see yourself in relationship to the world around you. A better understanding of your identity helps determine your role in the world. The internet and social media make it seem as if identity is predominantly a construction: it is whatever you want to present yourself to be. But is your identity actually as malleable as that?

Better than anyone, artists can express an investigation into the self by visual and tangible means. This exhibition displays artworks that focus on this quest for identity.

Participating artists:
Sara Blokland, Risk Hazekamp, Ari Versluis and Ellie Uyttenbroek, L.A. Raeven, Pieter Verhoeff about Erik van Lieshout, Willem Popelier, Get Me.