Listen to the VU Library Live podcast on: FAIR data and the End of Competitive Science

René Bekkers, Professor of Philanthropy, explains why he thinks we urgently need to move towards a more open and collaborative culture of science.

12/14/2018 | 3:51 PM

‘VU Library Live’ is a talk show/ podcast featuring interviews with VU researchers, VU lecturers and field experts about new developments in academia. We will also discuss what support and advice the University Library can provide in each area.

Podcast 2: FAIR data & the End of Competitive Science, december 2018

Part 1: Our first speaker is Rene Bekkers, Professor of Philanthropy at the Faculty of Social Sciences and the director of the Center for Philanthropic Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences. He explains why we urgently need to move towards a more open and collaborative culture of science. René Bekkers studies the societal effects of philanthropy, drawing on data from diverse and often sensitive sources.


Part 2: In part 2 Jolien Scholten, the library’s research data specialist, & Maria Cruz, VU’s research data community manager, tell about the services the library offers to help researchers make the transition to a more open and FAIR culture of research data management.

The next VU Library Live will be on January 24. In this meeting the library's Open Access specialists will speak about the implementation of Plan S, followed by a QA and room for discussion.  

Podcast/Talkshow meeting 1 (in Dutch): Why do we need open access and how do we make it a reality?
In this first session, we sat down with four guests to discuss why it is crucial’ that research results are made freely available to everyone; not only to science, but also to teachers and pupils, to GPs and patients. What is needed for researchers actually to start publishing open access? What are the remaining hurdles and how do we remove them? How does open access actually benefit science and society?
Guests: Dr. Eelco Ruijter, VU Amsterdam, Faculty of Science, Organic Chemistry, Eppo Groenewold, former deputy headmaster and adviser at Revius Lyceum in Doorn, Wies van Roosmalen, product owner Programme Research and Implementation manager at the Dutch Cancer Society, Dr. Sander Begeer, VU Amsterdam, Faculty of Behavioural and Movement Sciences, Clinical Developmental Psychology, specialised in autism

Listen to the VU Library Live Podcast about the Open Science Festival (an impression of October 18, 2018)

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