Seminar ‘How to publish a worldclass paper’ a great success

On Thursday 10 November 2016 the University Library organized the second edition of the seminar ‘How to publish a world class paper’. Again it was a great success.

11/17/2016 | 1:27 PM

Two experienced scientists, a publisher and an Open Access expert shared their insights and experiences on the publishing process. They gave their audience, more than 100 PhD students from various faculties of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, practical advice.

A selection of the recommendations:
•       Select the right journal based on topic, audience and the ‘wow factor’ of your article
•       Structure your article, use the right metadata
•       Team up to get to the top
•       Know where you want to be in 5 – 10 years
•       Choose a research topic that is hip and happening
•       Write every day, rewrite every day
•       Before you publish a world class paper: do world class research
•       Become a reviewer, ask you superior to forward a review request
•       When you review: don’t make it personal
•       When you publish: make it open. Choose for open access, publish in the repository of the university
•       Share knowledge, get interaction with society
•       Be critical about the system. Fair pricing, transparency and integrity are important.
•       Good research datamanagement is important

The slides of the four presentations can be found below:

Publishing Your Research; Writing a scientific paper and submitting to the right journal
Dr. Liesbeth Mol, Editorial Director Physics & Astronomy, Springer Dordrecht

How to publish a world class (or at least top-ranked) paper
Dr. Tilo Hartmann, Associate Professor Faculty of Social Sciences VU

Publishing from the editor’s and reviewer’s perspective
Prof. dr. Maurits van Tulder, professor of Health Technology Assessment, Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences VU

Open Access: an introduction
Drs. Ron Dekker, Seconded National Expert on Open Science Policy at the European Commission (DG Research & Innovation), on his own behalf

seminar how to publish