Copyright for instructors

As a VU instructor you are permitted to offer your students educational material in the Online Learning Environment. Many articles however are protected by copyright laws. This has to be taken into account when reusing items for teaching purposes.

How this should be done
Many scientific articles are available online. To avoid problems with copyright laws, the articles should preferably be made available using a link. This can be done by including urls.
The University Library employs specialists who can check whether or not the required literature is available digitally. You can send the subject specialist of your field a list of the literature that needs to be included in the Online Learning Environment. If the articles are available digitally they can be includes as a link. The user manual explains how this is done.
When an article cannot be linked, there is, by way of exception, still a possibility to display a small segment of the text in the learning environment. Agreements have been made at a national level with the ‘Pro  Foundation’ (Stichting Pro). Exactly what is and is not permitted has been set out in Stichting Pro’s reader regulation*(Dutch only). A copy of maximum 10.000 words may be made from a book. For journal articles a maximum of 8.000 words is permitted. Please note: copies may never exceed more than one third of the total publication. The Stichting Pro offers a word counter which quickly calculates the number of words in a text. There are also regulations in place for the reuse of graphs, charts and photos. Please consult the reader regulation (Dutch only) for a summary of these specifications.

*Note: the reader regulations were updated on September 22, 2017. Stichting Pro will publish the updated information on its website as soon as possible.

If you have any further questions, please contact Willemien van Dijk, tel: 020 59 85 184, or Sylvia Moes, tel: 020 59 89 164.