Ca. 240 works, 16th-18th century, from the Augustine parish.
In 1994 a collection of old printed matter from the Augustine parish of Amsterdam Buitenveldert of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Haarlem was accepted on loan. The greater part of this library had already been acquired in 1983.
The collection as a whole is of particular importance because most of it comes from the pastor Joannes Nanning (1689-1761), who played a leading role in the ecclesiastical life of his times.
The works include mostly (Roman Catholic) theology. In addition also 18th century language and literature.

Secondary literature
J.E. Pijnaker, Catalogus bibliothecae parochialis de ‘Buitenveldert’
W. Heijting, S. van Daalen en W. Frijhoff, Hollandse priesterbibliotheken uit de tijd van de Republiek

Bruiloftdichten, van Wellekens, frontispice. Signatuur: XN.00423_frontispiceRationale, titelpagina. Signatuur: XI.01008_titelpagina