VU heritage and collections

The university library is the curator of unique heritage collections, documenting the history of the VU, the history of research and education at the VU and of Protestantism and other special materials. We make these collections available through e.g. LibSearch, our Image Database, Geoplaza and in exhibitions.
Our special collections consist of:

- Academic Heritage Objects (Liselotte Neervoort)
- Maps (Reinout Klaarenbeek)
- Art (Wende Wallert)
- Manuscripts and Early printed books (Willemien van Dijk)
- Dutch Protestant Heritage (Hans Seijlhouwer

Exhibition Cabinet of Wonder
Artists, students and curators created Cabinets of Wonder, inspired by the collections of VU Amsterdam. Wander over the Campus, listen to the stories and be amazed!

Interactive exhibition To Tell The Truth
From July until October 2018 we display a new object in the VU heritage collections showcase and on the page interactive exhibition To Tell The Truth every few weeks. Alongside each item are three stories: one that's true and two that are made up. Do you know which story tells the truth...?