Discount on open access publishing in peer-reviewed journals of the Royal Society

The University Library has signed an Open Access Membership Agreement with the Royal Society

01/08/2018 | 2:19 PM

royal society From 1 March 2018, VU and VUmc researchers will receive a 25% discount on open access publishing costs for all peer-reviewed journals of the Royal Society. The Open Access Membership Agreement runs until 1 March 2019.
The Royal Society publishes eleven peer-reviewed journals, including Philosophical Transactions from the Royal Society, the world's oldest scientific title.

How does it work?
You can request the discount if you are the corresponding author of the article. When submitting the manuscript, choose "Open Access publishing" and then select "VU University Amsterdam" from the list of Membership Institutions. The discount of 25% is granted by the Royal Society after verification by the library. Always use the e-mail address of your institution when submitting your manuscript.

To encourage VU and VUmc researchers to publish Open Access, the University Library has made arrangements with several publishers offering VU and VUmc scientists a discount on publication costs, and in many cases the possibility of publishing Open Access free of charge. Currently 9000 journals are included in the agreements. Please consult the VU Journal Publishing Guide to find out about OA opportunities. The VU Journal Publishing Guide gives you information on the most important journals with impact factors and OA options and VU deals.

Questions about Open Access?
Questions about the Open Access Membership Agreement with the Royal Society or other OA deals? Contact the OA team via