How to achieve a world class publication and a good dissemination of your work?

These were some of the key questions at the UB seminar "How to publish a world class paper" on November the 14th.

11/22/2017 | 3:43 PM

This edition of the seminar was particularly aimed at researchers in the humanities and social sciences. Special attention was paid to publishing monographs. The seminar was sold out.

Speakers and presentations
Three speakers, each from their own perspective and experience, gave talks on how you produce a world-class publication and reach a large readership.

Dr. Max Haring, publisher at Amsterdam University Press, gave examples of how Open Access can increase the impact of your publication.
Presentation: ‘The perspective and the role of the publisher in scientific publishing’

Mr. Dr. Marieke de Hoon, university lecturer, Faculty of Law (VU), explained how her social involvement gives focus to her research.

Prof. dr. Dr. Piek Vossen, professor of Computational Lexicology, Faculty of Humanities (VU), spoke about 'Publishing from a reviewer's perspective'. His great enthusiasm was evident from his statement: "I see my work as a reviewer as a moral duty to the academic community. Because you do science together ".
Presentation: ‘Publishing from a reviewer’s perspective’

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