Exhibition on Karen Armstrong

On the occasion of the honorary doctorate of Karen Armstrong on September 4, the University Library presents a special exhibition.

08/24/2017 | 12:21 PM

Dr. Karen Armstrong, British author and religious scientist, is awarded an honorary doctorate in Theology and Religious Studies during the opening of the Academic Year 2017 at the VU on September 4. Her honorary supervising professor is Manuela Kalsky, professor in the endowed Edward Schillebeeckx chair for Theology and Society. Armstrong receives the honorary doctorate for her contribution to the debate on religious plurality in society.

The University Library celebrates this occasion with an exhibition on Karen Armstrong and her work. The “Charter for Compassion”, composed by Armstrong and based on the “Golden Rule” of different religions, is presented together with a world map of the ‘Compassionate communities’, specially made for this occasion. A selection of holy books and objects that symbolize the different religions supports the central theme of the presentation.

The documents and objects exhibited are courtesy of the Special Collections (also known as KEA – Art, Heritage and Archives) of the University Library, the Protestantse Theologische Universiteit (PThU) and several private collectors. Publisher De Bezige Bij has provided the Dutch translations of a selection of Armstrong’s works. The contribution of the VU-bookstore is a.o. the recently published Quran with an explanation for children.

The Exposition can be visited from September 4 till October 27, 2017 at the Heritage display near the entrance of the University Library, first floor, Main building.

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