Open up to open access

Enhance your profile in science. Open Science is based on the principles of transparency and accessibility. More and more scientists are coming to realize that as well as knowledge sharing, improving access to publications is imperative. Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VUmc are certainly an advocate of this approach.

05/15/2017 | 8:52 AM

Open access publishing plays a key role in this and has recently become much easier. Making publications accessible encourages the reuse of knowledge, in science and in teaching, healthcare, public administration and among a range of different professional groups. It also gives everyone access to high-quality information free of charge.

Over the past two years, universities have made agreements with publishers such as Springer, Taylor & Francis and Elsevier regarding the funding of open access publishing. This often means that no article processing charge or APC needs to be paid in order to be part of open access publishing. Meanwhile, more than 7,000 renowned journals are covered by these ‘big deals’.

This makes open access publishing very easy: first identify your preferred journal (using the Open Access Journal Browser, for example) and then submit your article, indicating your preference for open access publication.

In addition, there are many other magazines and repositories which enable open access publication with no additional costs. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of open access or do you need help with your open access publication? The University Library will be happy to assist you.

Open up to open access and enhance your profile in science.

open access arno akkermans