Another 46 additional UL Study Places

The study places are available from the 18th of May, before the start of the Exams in May

05/18/2017 | 4:05 PM

It’s commonly known that especially during exam periods it’s difficult to find a free 'dedicated' study spot. The study places are already being used heavily!

The 46 additional study places were realized by the UL in cooperation with the Campus Facility Management (FCO). In these areas 4, or 8 individual spots are available, which can also be used as a group work space.

With these extra study places the University Library takes the last step in the realization of the (much longed for) additional study places, on a short term. This then brings the number of dedicated study spaces in the library in the main building over 1,000 in addition to the 350 places in the Medical Library at the VU Medical Center.

Providing an excellent physical study environment is, and will be, a priority for the UL.

extra studieplekken mei 2017