Advisory report European Commission next-generation metrics

The European Commission released an advisory report on next-generation research metrics (besides e.g. an h-index) as part of Open Science practice.

04/06/2017 | 9:32 AM

These next-generation research metrics reflect more than number of publications and citations and should result in more transparency.

One of the recommendations of the report is to reduce the administrative burden for researchers when keeping track of their output and achievements. The use of a non-commercial ORCiD account is recommended in this context. ORCiD is an international unique identifier for researchers and scholars, like ISBN is for books. Its abbreviation stands for Open Researcher and Contributor iDentifier. Its interoperability and privacy control enables you to link and share scholarly information with multiple systems and institutions. ORCiD is more and more used when submitting scientific articles and data, grant applications and reporting on departmental evaluations.

Find out what VU Amsterdam already does on Open Science (VUnet) and ORCiD (University Library webpage).