100% Open Access agreement with Cambridge University Press

The universities in the Netherlands and Cambridge University Press (CUP) have recently concluded a three-year agreement guaranteeing 100% Open Access to academic journals.

05/23/2017 | 10:06 AM

As of June 1, researchers at the VU and VUmc will be able to publish articles in 339 CUP hybrid journals and 17 CUP full Open Access journals.

The agreement is the first of its kind, as never before have universities been able to negotiate an agreement with a publisher guaranteeing researchers the right to publish their articles Open Access directly via the golden route. Jaap Winter, President of the Executive Board of VU Amsterdam and the chief negotiator on behalf of the VSNU, commented as follows: “It is unique that, as of June 1, all researchers at Dutch universities will have unlimited Open Access publication rights in the CUP hybrid journals and full Open Access journals, without any additional costs for the researchers.

Details about terms of the agreement and the journals involved and can be found on APC Arrangements on the website of the University Library.

For questions about this deal or any other questions regarding Open Access, please contact the Open Access team via openaccess.ub@vu.nl.