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VU students and staff can attend workshops on how to find literature and data, and how to use library tools such as EndNote and Reference Manager.

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Workshops Search and find literature
How to search catalogues, e-journals, and e-resources for beginner and advanced level (see also Online courses). 
More information workshops Search and find literature (basics and advanced) (via agenda)

Workshops EndNote (VU) or Reference Manager (VUmc) 
How to make your own bibliographical database (see also Tools).
More information workshops EndNote (via agenda)
More information workshops Reference Manager (for VUmc, in Dutch, via agenda).

A workshop Information Literacy at VU University Library (1) A workshop Information Literacy at VU University Library (2)

Workshops on finding financial data
Learn how to use databases with financial data, economic news, market information and reports. The Research Data Services provides help and advice. 

More information Research Data Services (via agenda)

Workshops on request 
You can ask the Library for more information on workshops-on-request and individual workshops: 
VU University - VUmc Medical Library

Courses are accessible to non-VU patrons. See costs of services.


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