Search filters for PubMed or Embase

Search term combinations that can be applied as search filters in PubMed or to limit the results of specific subject searches. Copy and paste the entire text string in the PubMed or search window. Combine the resulting answer set with a previous answer set by the (Boolean) AND operator.

The download files contain the following filters:
Randomized controlled trials or clinical trials for PubMed or Embase
Diagnostic accuracy for PubMed
FDG-PET voor PubMed
Pediatrics for PubMed
Systematic reviews or meta-analyses for PubMed or Embase
Gender for PubMed
Clinimetrics for PubMed
Overview of all filters

Methodological search filters
InterTasc Search Filter Resource
List of references to articles describing search filters and their development. Covers methodology filters in a variety of databases and platforms. Methodology filters are used to retrieve literature on specific research fields such as randomised controlled trials or quality-of-life studies.