Video conferencing

Consult with multiple partners in different locations

VU Library offers video conferencing with excellent image and sound quality in study room 1A.01. With video conferencing you can confer simultaneously with multiple parties. You can connect any computer making it possible to share content over your conference. Video conferencing offers substantial savings in travel time and expenses.

Videoconferencing is used for

  • Job interviews
  • Cooperation with domestic and foreign universities
  • Guest speakers in lectures and conferences.

Video conferencing
Use the professional video conferencing room at study room 1A.01! The room is equipped with an HD video camera. A table microphone makes a headset unnecessary. Two big screens offer life-size images of the interlocutors. Content such as pictures and graphs can be easily shared.


Library Information desk
Main building VU, room 1C-02
mon - thu, 8.30 - 22.00 hrs
fri, 8.30-20.00 hrs
sat, sun and holidays, 10.00-18.00 hrs
T (020) 5985200

Een gastdocent via videoconferentieempty Videoconferentie in volle gang: links op het grote beeldscherm de gesprekspartners elders, rechts onderin de deelenemers achter de tafel in beeld