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Request articles and books

Items untraceable? Online access denied? Through the ILL request form you can simply order books from other libraries and articles from both VU University and other libraries.

How to order  
Through the ILL request form or directly from the database that you are searching (eg PubMed). Click on the VU-link (see icon below) and click on the title. Various options for full-text download or ordering the item will then be presented. When you order the article, the references will be filled in automatically.

ILL request form
More information
e-link (VU-link). 
See also  How to find a journal article .  

Terms and conditions of downloading, printing, and copying  (PDF).

Document service forVUmc staff
VUmc staff can order documents via the ILL request form . Charges are set nationally.

Delivery time is within 3 days, depending on the processing of the supplier. Requested items are sent as PDF or as photo copies by mail to the work address.

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