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Off-campus, VU and VUmc staff and students also have access to e-journals, e-books, online articles and databases for which the University Library (UL) has acquired a license.

If you are searching via LibSearch, you only have to log on (via SURFconext) when prompted.
- VU students and staff log on with their VUnetID
- VUmc staff log on with their VUmc-account (PDF)

If you are searching otherwise, you may use a link that is not (yet) off-campus enabled. In those cases you may receive a warning that your IP-address is unknown, a vendor’s login screen appears, or payment is required. Simply restore access to such a resource by installing - one time only - the bookmark below. Once installed, a simple click will provide the option to get access to the desired resource with your VUnetID or VUmc-account.

Installation bookmark
Add the link below to your browser’s bookmarks. Do not click, but drag the link to the bookmarks bar of the browser or right-click the link.

UBVU Off-Campus Access

For manual installation:
- create a random bookmark;
- edit the properties;
- change the name of the bookmark to UBVU Off-Campus Access;
- copy the code below as the URL of the bookmark:


Tip: use the bookmarks bar to display the bookmark as a button.

To test the installation of the bookmark, go to this article. Then click the UBVU Off-Campus Access bookmark and log in with VUnetID or VUmc-account.

Note! Due to technical reasons, access to some resources is restricted to VU and VUmc. Obviously access is only granted when the UL has acquired a license for that source.

For questions, comments or to report a problem, please Ask your library.

Previous settings
If you have used the previous settings for “working from home” we recommend you to remove these settings.

Google Scholar

Use this guide (PDF) to display the “VU LibSearch” links in Google Scholar when off-campus.

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