Upload your thesis FAQs

URL for uploading your thesis is www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid

Problems uploading your thesisPossible solutions
1 I cannot log on with my VU-net-idIf your password contains the symbols > or <, change password via https://top.vu.nl. If your password doesn't contain > or < or changing your password doesn't help, please contact UC-IT helpdesk, tel. (020 59)80000 (room 0A-11).
2 I get an error message "form.j_password is not defined"After 30 minutes of inactivity, you'll be logged off automatically. The message appears when the automatic log-off goes wrong.

Solution: Enter https://www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid?logout
in your browser window's address bar and go there. After this, you can log on again.
3 I cannot uploadYour thesis might be too large (8+ MB). This might be caused by a large amount of pictures in your thesis.

If this don't work, please contact your Faculty's Study secretariat.
4 My thesis consists of several files; how do I upload them?You cannot upload more than one file. Your entire thesis has to fit into one file.
5 How do I know if uploading was successfull?Confirmation follows through a popup window and an email. You can also check www.ubvu.vu.nl/vunetid
6 I uploaded my thesis, but it isn't visibleYour thesis only becomes visible when the Study secretariat have checked all data.
7 My thesis may not be published in full online; do I still have to upload?Yes. Uploading is compulsory. You can enter the reason and the duration of the embargo in the comment box.
8 Help! my thesis is visible in full but it shouldn't!Please contact the library. We will contact your study secretariat. The faculty decides about the visibility; the library has no say in this.
9 I can’t open my upload linkProbably you’re using SAFARI. Macbooks and Apple computers use this browser by default. The other browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome shouldn’t give any problems.
10 PDF does not show in screen after selecting fileThe file isn't shown on the screen but please continue filling in the form and submit your thesis.
Other problems?Please contact the library mentioning
  • your name
  • VU-net-id (username only; never give your password!)
  • your Faculty
  • the problem
  • browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc.)