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Theme site: open access

Definition of open access (OA)
Open access is the immediate, online, free availability of research output such as a published peer-reviewed journal article, a conference paper and research data.
The author/researcher has given a non-exclusive licence for a broad (re-)use, but retains his/her copyright. This makes it possible to make material accessible via Internet and to use it for teaching and new research.

VU University wants to encourage and promote open access publishing. Research which is financed with public money should be publicly accessible.

The advantages of open access: for readers and for authors
One of the big advantages of open access is that it makes scientific research findings accessible to all.
In addition to open access to publications open access to the underlying research data (PDF) is becoming increasingly important. By open access dissemination of knowledge is more efficient and sharing datasets leads to new forms of scholarship.

The main advantage for authors is that it allows them to increase their readership and therefore the impact of their publications (more downloads and citations).
Read more about the advantages (PDF).

Open access publishing: how does it work?
There are two ways of publishing in open access:

  •  in an open access journal or as an open access book
  • by uploading the publication in a repository, e.g. VU-DARE.

Stay informed of new developments!
More information about open access.

Open access

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