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Research Data Services

Finding, managing and archiving research data is a fast-developing field which requires specific knowledge. The Research Data Services department supports researchers and students during the entire data lifecycle, from their initial research plan up to the archiving of the results.

Research Data Service offers: 

  • Training and advice on data management and the use of data sources (see Agenda UB website, or make an appointment)
  • Support in searching secondary datasets and downloading information

For researchers and PhD students, Research Data Services also offers:

  • Advice on writing data management plans
  • Advice on selecting, collecting, structuring and using data
  • Advice on drawing up faculty guidelines and procedures for research data management
  • Guidelines on personal data protection
  • Support in finding the right partner for customised projects
  • More detailed information at the VUnet theme site Research Data

Research Data Services team

We will be glad to answer all your questions. Just send an email to researchdataservices.ub@vu.nl.

For data management advice and guidelines, researchers can contact the data librarian.

Mark Bruyneel  Mark Bruyneel – Scientific Information Specialist

Rick Vermunt  Rick Vermunt – Scientific Information Specialist

Maurice Vanderfeesten  Maurice Vanderfeesten – Research Data Services Coordinator / Data Librarian


Contact Research Data Services
University Library Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
De Boelelaan 1103, room 1B-21
1081 HV Amsterdam
T (020) 598 5166
E researchdataservices.ub@vu.nl


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