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Open Access is an international academic movement that aims for unrestricted, free online access to scientific information. The Vrije Universiteit supports this effort because:
1. the university recognizes the importance of free public access to research output, especially when funded with public funds
2. Open Access stimulates the knowledge economy and scientific progress. Free access of research output enables a more efficient spread.
3. the university is of the opinion that, for the author, Open Access has a positive effect on audience and impact of publications (more downloads and citations)

Two routes to Open Access are distinguished: 

The golden route       
Research output that has been published via the Golden Route are freely available to the reader. Publication costs (Article Processing Charges-APC’s) are paid by:
- the author
- the author’s institution
- the funding body
The Dutch government has expressed a preference for the golden route for publicly funded research. VSNU and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam support this policy. The University Library has made arrangements with several publishers offering VU and VUmc scientists a discount on publication costs, and in some cases the possibility of publishing Open Access free of charge.

The University Library offers advice on and support for Open Access publishing. The website contains information about:

The green route
Via the green route, the authors publishes his scientific work in a repository, a publicly available database managed by an academic institution. The VU database is called the DARE repositoryempty.

Diamond Route
Research output that has been published via the Diamond Route is freely and immediately available to the reader. The publication fee  is not paid by authors but the cost of editing, peer review, online publication and hosting are borne by an institution, association or fund. By making  use of voluntary labor provided by scientists in their role as editor or peer reviewer, the costs can be kept to a minimum. The University Library supports the diamond route and can assist in setting up open access journals.

The University Library offers advice and support for the uploading of: 

At the website OpenAccess.nl you can find background information and news about Open Access.

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