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Open Access is an international academic movement that aims for unrestricted, free online access to scientific information. The Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam supports this effort because:
1. the university recognizes the importance of free public access to research output, especially when funded with public funds
2. Open Access stimulates the knowledge economy and scientific progress. Free access of research output enables a more efficient spread.
3. the university is of the opinion that, for the author, Open Access has a positive effect on audience and impact of publications (more downloads and citations)

During the past two years, universities have made agreements with publishers including Springer, Taylor & Francis and Elsevier about funding Open Access publishing. So far, more than 7,000 titles including over 4,000 with an impact factor and 1,100 'Q1 journals' are covered by these big deals. In addition, there are numerous other journals and repositories in which Open Access publishing is possible at no additional cost. Consequently, Open Access publishing with ease in your favourite journal has become possible in many cases!

By publishing Open Access you encourage the recirculation of knowledge in both science and education, health care, public administration and other fields. Meanwhile, thanks to Open Access citizens gain the right to obtain high quality information for free.

Publishing Open Access is very simple:
1.    Determine the journal of your choice in the Open Access Journal Browser
2.    Submit your article
3.    Indicate when submitting that you wish to publish Open Access

Further information on publisher's terms and workflow can be found on the APC Arrangements page.

The University Library has formed an "Open Access team" that organizes various activities related to Open Access. If you have questions about the above or any other questions regarding Open Access, please contact the Open Access team via

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