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Which Virtual Learning Environment does VU University need for the next ten years?

To answer this question, a project has been started to develop a vision regarding

  • the future VLE
  • the road towards it

VLE here refers to any coherent set of applications used in support of educational and learning processes. 


In our vision, the Next VLE is not a monolithic system. Rather, it consists of

  • an easy to use basic VLE
  • applications used for education, such as QMP (digital assessments) and Examine (online surveys)
  • selected internet tools such as wikis and blogs

Single sign-on can be used on all of these systems. Instructors providing education for large numbers of students can easily allow access to the various applications and tools. Open and flexible systems allow us to give direction to the VLE's development and to respond better to the environment of the students, the needs of teachers, and the opportunities that ICT offers now and in the future.

Project components  

  • Needs Survey
  • Blackboard Learning and Content System Evaluation
  • Blackboard Digital Portfolio Evaluation
  • System analysis of Blackboard, Google Apps, Sakai, and Sharepoint

The Strategic Development Advisory Report is based on the results of the project components.


Strategic Development Advisory Report Needs Survey Blackboard LCS Evaluation Blackboard DP Evaluation 

Strategic Development Advisory Report / Needs Survey / Blackboard LCS Evaluation / Blackboard DP Evaluation


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