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The Library manages much of the academic and cultural heritage of the VU. Highlights such as paintings, manuscripts, and church books can be viewed via web exhibitions.

Tracking Female Trails

Web expo Tracking Female Trails

Flourishing Heritage 
In 1967, the Botanical Garden of VU University was laid out for the benefit of science. Today, it has the function of a public garden. About this flourishing heritage, author Hannah de Groot and photographer Elsbeth Thijssen have created a web exposition.

Webexpo Bloeiend erfgoed

Crossing the Borders 
Dutch-Hungarian book culture in the 17th and 18th century. The web exposition ‘Crossing the Borders’ was realized under the supervision of prof. dr. Ferenc Postma, Fellow of the Study Center for Protestant Book Culture. 
Webexpo Crossing the Borders

Curls, Doodles and Scribbly Letters
A web exposition on Netherlandish manuscripts from VU Library's Special Collections. A selection of hand copied texts from the sixteenth to the twentieth century. The exhibition was created by VU Master students in Dutch Literature.

webexpo manuscripts

Book, Binding and Mount
Showing metal locks on silver and gold mounted church books from the Van Noordwijk Collection. More info: Van Noordwijk Collection.

Webexpo: Book, Binding and Mount - Van Noordwijk Collection

Notables of the VU 1880-2010 
The first VU University Library web expo.

Webexpositie - Kopstukken van de VU 1880-2010

The web exhibitions are not only intended to draw attention to the VU heritage, they are also employed for education. The Library invites teachers to act as guest curators. Let your students compile a web exhibition instead of writing a paper. In this way they can show their knowledge in an original way.

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