VU students can use the library's borrowing facilities using their student card. Others can apply for a library card - with valid identification - at the VU lending desks.
A library card is required to request and borrow books. Access to the digital collection is limited to VU students, VU/VUmc staff and a limited number of library PCs.

A library card can be requested from the library desk:


Library cards are free for students, faculty, staff, and researchers from most Dutch universities and their associated institutions.
Other visitors pay € 20 per year / € 10 for 3 months / € 5 per month.

What you need to get a library card

VU/VUmc staff- proof of registration at VU University
- valid identification
Guest staff at VU- exemption form completed at their faculty or department (available at the library desk) 
- valid identification
Staff from other universities- proof of registration at their university / mention on their university website
- valid identification
Students from other universities- valid student card
- valid identification
Visitors- valid identification + costs (bank card)


Library cards can be renewed at the desk, with valid identification.

In case of loss or theft, please notify the Library as soon as possible. Lost library cards can be replaced immediately (costs: € 5).

Temporary library card
New VU students who as yet didn't recieve their student card can apply for a temporary library card at the library desk.

Becoming a member of more Amsterdam libraries
With the AdamNet card (€ 45 p.a.) you can use the borrowing facilities of several Amsterdam libraries. The AdamNet card can be obtained from the 1st floor Main Building library desk (opening hours).