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New developments
All modernization moves at UL are carefully thought out, and aim to ensure that the collection meets the information needs of its users (see mission and strategic plan).

Education Advisory Service
The 11 education advisors will focus primarily on strengthening the quality of university education and increasing student performance.

Mobile site
Do you want to know where and when you can study in the library or where you can find PCs or book collections? Do you want to renew a borrowed book or use the e-Library? The mobile site of VU Library provides easy access to these services. 
More information: Mobile site

Setting up and publishing a new journal involves a lot of aspects; the University Library can support. Based on this relatively new service the University Library intends to apply its specialist knowledge of digital publishing and journal hosting in order to assist the editorial staff of new and existing journals (affiliated with VU University).
We also want to encourage digital publishing and promote the free availability of scientific information in general. For more information, go to the theme site: open access.
More information: e-Publishing

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