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The Friends of VU University Library Foundation was founded in 1973. The Friends' aims are to raise funds for the conservation of the Library's centuries-old cultural heritage and the purchase of new additions to the collection.

Become a friend!
Become a friend of VU University Library and enjoy the satisfaction of contributing to the Library's Manuscripts and Early Printed Books collections!
With your support, we can finance new acquisitions and costly book restorations.


Friends receive a free library card and are invited to attend library exhibitions and talks such as the yearly mr. H. Bos-lezing. Read the report (PDF, in Dutch) and program (PDF, in Dutch) of the last mr. Bos-lezing (2011), by prof. dr. Arjo Klamer (Erasmus University Rotterdam). 
Read the report mr. Bos-lezing 2010 (PDF, in Dutch).

New friends will also receive a welcome gift. (Please indicate which gift you would prefer.)

  • Set of 6 postcards with illustrations from Georges de Buffon's De algemeene en byzondere natuurlyke historie (1773-1807). This work was donated to the Library by HM Queen Beatrix in 1973, or
  • CD Hodie Christus natus est, containing Psalms and other chants from a medieval antiphonary from our collection performed by the VU University Choir.


To see our newsletter in Dutch for an impression of the activities of the Foundation, please click "Ga naar Nederlandse versie" at the bottom of this page. 

Register by email, vrienden.ub@vu.nl or by letter. The minimum donation is € 25 p.a. (students € 15).

Friends of VU University Library Society
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T +31 20 598 5236

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