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Much of the scientific information at VU University Library is available in digital format. The so-called e-collections mainly include digital journals, e-books and databases. Many historical maps can also be viewed online. The University Library intends to digitise as many important and popular publications, archives and images as possible.

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Open Access

Open Access (OA) means unobstructed online availability of articles published in scientific journals and conference papers. Increasingly, it also means online availability of books. VU University is an unreserved advocate of Open Access. It intends to present its researchers' academic output, findings and publications in Open Access whenever possible. Do you want to publish in Open Access? At the University Library we are happy to assist you.

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Library Tip

Need somewhere to study? The VU library offers study places for group and individual study, with or without pc. The Main building has numerous study rooms that also are open during evenings, weekends and public holidays. The study and computer rooms stay open extra-long prior to exam weeks. The Medical Library is also open some Sundays.

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    9 March | 10:00-12:00 | Cursus / training

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